Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I agree

YES! Web 2.0 stuff is cool, but for crying out loud, be thoughtful. Know what you're doing, but, more importantly, know why you're doing it.

My thesis research showed that a lot of blogs were started because someone thought the museum ought to have one. In some of those cases that someone seemed to have a strong vision of what the blog would become - and those are usually pretty successful, noticed blogs. In others, the blog became a bit miscellaneous and may be on the road to failure unless someone can come up with a purpose, a reason for it.

Of course, reasons don't guarantee successfulness. I know of at least one museum with a well thought out blog that I don't entirely buy into as successful yet. Perhaps in time.

Just because it's fast and easy doesn't mean you should do it. Oh, you should do it, but have a purpose. And a community to connect to.

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Chris said...

Yeah, I'm with you. I had been tasked with creating podcasts for my institution, but I've got a different view of what an online presence means than what the bosses have. I pondered the difference and and wrote it up. Basically, you've got to have the right institutional environment to support the effort. Obviously. And some do, some don't.