Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brooklyn Strikes again!

Anyone who saw the session with the good folks from the Brooklyn Museum was pretty blown away by how, well, awesome they are. The Brooklyn Museum has a huge backing of community involvement and web forward thinking. And awesome Flickr use.

And now they have blogs! Have they been around a long time? Did I miss them?

feminist.bloggers@brooklynmuseum - Feminist art, news, and events from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art


bloggers@brooklynmuseum - a behind the scenes blog.

Both blogs have full text syndication. How I love full text syndication. I hate stubs, I hate clicking through, I really do.

Plus, and this is really cool, you too can be on the Brooklyn Museum's blogging community, if you ask nicely.

I look forward to seeing how these blogs read!


cavalaxis said...

GAH. SO VERY COOL. I'm totally coming back later to raid your links list.

Brooklyn Museum said...

Thanks, Lynn. We had blogs before, but they were centered on certain projects such as the conservation of our Lady Liberty, so the blog would end when the project ended. After some inspiration at MW from the great blogging sessions, we decided to reconfigure everything and bring it onto our own site (we had been using Blogger). Multi-author, multi-project with a behind the scenes focus. So, what you you see in our current blog (bloggers@brooklynmuseum) is a mix -- anything from before June is older content that we migrated over from the Blogger blogs. From June on, we started this new system.

At the same time, we re-focused on our community by ensuring their posts are listed on the /commmunity/blogs page front and center. After all, the community section is about the community contribution and the reconfiguration reflects that.

Thanks for reading and checking out our session!