Thursday, February 15, 2007


I've had butterflies in my stomach several times this week. As the stress increases and time goes shorter I'll have a veritable flock of butterflies.

The butterflies in my stomach now are ones of excitation. Why? Because, just now, I encountered Radical Trust, both the concept and the blog. Sure I'd heard the word, but hadn't connected it to anything. And now, reading the article on the blog, I became so excited! I love it, adore it, when people say things that need saying, things which seem so painfully obvious to so many of us and yet are escaping others. I'm glad there's a term for it.

And it seems like museums might not have that kind of radical trust in their publics to really allow them behind the scenes and into the life of the museum. Who really seems to trust their publics? The Science Museum of Minnesota (Hi Liza! Thanks for stopping in). Not only do they have a pretty rockin' science blog, but (and correct me if I'm wrong here folks) users can register and submit stories for the blog. Who doesn't trust their publics? Well... I have a few ideas on that, but I want to get my surveys out and back before I go naming names. But I get the feeling that there's no a full commitment to trust in the museum blog community. Not just yet. Moving forward though.

Less recent butterfly reason: On Wednesday I got an email scheduling my first interview for a real job! Squeee!

But sometimes I get butterflies from too much caffeine. Really any caffeine lately. That's what happens when you're mostly off the stuff for about 6 months and then go hitting your body with Mt. Dew or a mocha every other day.

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collin said...

You sound as excited as I am about this idea. I still get butterflies when I see an example of radical trust that sets the new bar.

Thanks for the love and for spreading the word... I am trying to build an army or radical trusters... Imagine that!

Be well! Great blog!