Thursday, February 08, 2007

Forward Motion

Nothing like a deadline to motivate a girl. It is my goal to have the first half of my thesis drafted by the end of finals week (March 16th). I'm just started writing and I have a page and a half on the definition of blog. It's a good start and a good place to start.

I'm starting with the history and definition of blog because it is the area in which I feel most competent. I've read the most in that area and I know the most about it.

From there, according to my outline, I will move on to theories on communication, learning, and public relations as I try to answer the question "Why should museums blog?" (that's a link to my outline there. feedback is welcomed. I like a lot of things about it, but there are things that need some more ironing out. I'm certain it will look different by May)

In other exciting news: I sent off my volunteer time slot sign up for Museums and the Web 2007. If the girl handing you a registration packet has long blue hair, that's me. I'm exceedingly excited about this conference. It is my first museum conference and the first museum conference in which I'll be taking part. See me at the research forum on Thursday night, where I'll talk about things you already know because you read this blog. All you people searching for "Im in ur collection." :\

I'm looking forward to the Radical Trust: State of the Museum Blogosphere presented by Jim and Seb. There are a ton of others that look equally inspiring: Blogging within a Traditional Museum Setting from Jeff Gates of Eye Level, the entire Redesign session, as well as the session on Small Museums. I'm also looking forward to San Francisco, because I've never been before!

Now I'm just procrastinating... My excitement is genuine, but so is my need to get more than 2 pages written if I want to be half started (not half done, but half begun) by mid March.

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