Monday, January 15, 2007

Go Go Google Scholar

Why is it that Google Scholar has proven more fruitful in terms of yielding a lot of interesting looking articles, whereas JSTOR and more scholarly and traditional databases have been.... lean? Thanks to Google Scholar I am down in ink and up about 80 printed pages today.

The articles speak primarily to organizational blogs, which is ideal. Some even speak to museums and social connectedness. Score! I haven't read them yet, but that's partly a project for tomorrow.

It's time that there is a statement about why museums should be doing this, about why it's a good and valid thing. That's the statement I plan on making. If Jim doesn't do it first. And if he does, then, well, I'll expand. :D

Now. I need to get my links up in the sidebar and get this place noticed. How else am I going to entice busy museum bloggers to take my survey (once it makes it out the other side of human subjects review (no seriously, the university does not want me abusing you or exposing you to undue amounts of radiation (no seriously, radiation exposure falls under the same level of risk as interviewing professionals and asking for their real names)))?

This post is not a model post. I thought I was going to make posts that were musings in the subject area of my thesis, posts that I could draw from further down in the writing process. Not yet I guess.

- Article summary/discussion. What's being said, what's been said, who's saying it, and what's not been said yet?
- Blog reviews. That's right. I'm in ur museum website, readin' and analyzin' ur blogz. I'm going to write done observations about several museum blogs I find especially interesting and/or easy to get the story behind. Prime candidates: Hankblog, the Burke Museum Blog, Dear Miss Griffis, Creation Museum Blog, and The Dragon and the Pearl. I think at least three of these blogs listed are simply amazing examples of what can be done by a museum with a blog. The other two... well. I haven't decided yet.

*New blogger has a tagging function! Did old blogger have that? I don't think it did.... But I'm a livejournal girl at heart. But blogger's where you gotta be if you want respect. Despite its inferior social networking set up. And lack of simple custumizability. Seriously. You don't need to know much html on LJ to make things the way you want it. Here.... well, you see my default template. I can get my links in there and maybe do a couple things, but.... it ain't no LJ.

Edit 1/16/2007: Okay, so new blogger is a little bit customizable. Putting those links in the sidebar? Fast and easy with their shiny new "upgrade your template" bit.


Cherry Sham said...

Hope the Glenbow "Dear Miss Griffis" blog is one of the blogs you consider amazing. Either way if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at the museum. We can talk blog.

Good luck with your thesis!

Lynn Bethke said...


I adore "Dear Miss Griffis" but perhaps I shouldn't tell you that - you know, researcher bias and all that.

I do plan on contacting you with my survey once I have it approved and hope that you will take the time to fill it out.

Thank you for your kind words!