Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As I sat in the library cafe drinking my second very caffeine loaded drink of the day, reading my book on communication theory, I had an a-ha! moment.

I figured out my question.

Now it's my belief that most really good research is answering a question. And I've had this topic now for some time, but hadn't found my question. But I have it now, and it's ridiculously simple.


Why? Why should museums blog? Why do museums blog?

That's what I'm answering. I never claimed to be a rocket scientist and I never claimed to be attempting rocket science, but this is a question that deserves a more thorough answer than I've yet seen. With any luck, I should have a nice long answer for you by the end of May.

How am I going to answer these questions? The "Why Should They" question will be addressed through research and theory and observation. What are people saying about blogs, public relations, and people? The "Why Do They" question will be addressed by, I hope, a survey I will to link to on this blog once I get the go ahead from the Human Subjects review in a month or two.

*** A big thanks to Walker's Off Center blog for linking here. It's super cool. And this blog is now listed on I think it's a hoot seeing my title line up there with all the other, much more sober, titles. Also, and this is a sentiment perhaps better reserved for a less topical blog, I really get a kick out of my title line. I don't understand the phenomenon, but I enjoy it. /immaturity

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