Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So it begins

Actually, it began over the summer, when I decided that the realm of museum blogs was extremely interesting and warranted more investigation. Enough investigation that it was worth doing my Master's Thesis on.

And now that I'm getting closer to the actual writing, I decided that having a thesis blog is the best way to do so. That way I always have access to my writing, even if I forget my flash drive, I have access to a huge community of people who can give me input.

I've found that so much of what's written about museums and blogs is about the How. How do we do it? And we're so busy forging ahead and keeping up with the cyberJonses that we're not thinking about Why. It is my aim to find out Why museums should participate in the blog conversation. Based on the Whys that I find, I'll write a little bit about How I think they should do it.

I am currently seeking out contacts of folks who blog for a museum. I'm currently putting together a survey that I will make available to museum professionals who are involved in their institutional blog.

I'm excited about having a blog for this. I find that, when I have a public forum to do my work in, with the chance of feedback and conversation, I am more motivated to do it. Not that my MA isn't a good enough motivation.

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