Tuesday, January 23, 2007


One of the few objective metrics I have when attempting to determine the reach of a particular blog is to look at its stats. What stats?

Blogline stats. Bloglines, while a nice and usable aggragator, doesn't give a lot of stats about the blogs. Of course that's not its function. It does tell you how many people are subscribed to a particular blog through the service. It tells me that no one subscribes to this blog. But 47 people subscribe to The Food Museum Blog.

Technorati. Technorati offers a few interesting things. It offers a ranking system, but more importantly , it offers a way to see how one blog is connected to others. For example, The Food Museum Blog is linked 54 times from 31 blogs. Unfortunately, this metric isn't current. It hasn't been updated with Technorati for 16 days, and the site actually lists 110 links to the blog when you click a little further. This blog has two links from one site. That site is my personal journal, so.... that's not a good stat. That would be an example of a blog with a very limited reach. ;)

The only other service I've checked for metrics so far is Google Reader. Google Reader doesn't have anything I can see.

This comes to mind, because I'm using Google Analytics to see what kind of attention this blog is getting. Not much, but it's getting a little. That is, there are more folks than just me and my friends checking it out. Not many. But. Hi!

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