Monday, March 19, 2007

Did I say that?

Did I imply something negative about mashups the other day?

Because I don't really understand mashups. If mashups are like collage art online or are like remixes, then maybe we'll stick with the negative perception. But if mashups are like TwitterVision and If I dig a very deep hole, where I go to stop? (okay, I don't know if that second one is a mashup, but it's just plain cool!), then I take back any negative sentiments. Well, I guess I would agree that they're not revolutionary. I would say that they are very neat and kind of steroid-up the sense of world wide connectedness that blogging and whatnot invites. Seriously. Go watch twittervision for 5 minutes. It's mesmerizing.

Okay. I need to go back to writing. Because I'm really writing!

ETA: Kittens! Okay, so it's stupid. It's also adorable, and I clearly have a penchant for this kind of sillyness (glances at header).

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