Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is here. Let's get hopping!

After my jubilant half point posting I sent my wreck of a first half-thesis off to committee and promptly hid from it for the rest of spring break. But tomorrow marks the first day of my last 10 weeks of classes (I've been in school for nearly 20 years now, I'm ready for something different, something with personal responsibility. Hire me?), so I am sitting in the Chocolati Cafe in Wallingford, sipping a delicious mocha frost (seriously, it is AMAZING) and trying to schedule out my thesis work.

But first I had to go through and make a list of institutions which had responded to my totally awesome and super fun survey. I think it's gone really well. I've had 10 responses from 9 institutions. And among those 9 responses are the institutions I had really hoped would respond. I would love to hear from many more of you museum bloggers, so please, help a grad student out.

One thing I find very interesting is the variety of ways that institutional blogs are created. In some places, a person starts a blog because they feel the museum needs one, and it's easy. In other places, there's this great long process where months of research take place before the blog is launched. I love it.

Although I know what needs doing and the timetable I have to do it, it is still extremely daunting. At this point, everything that is written is so unpolished as to be laughable. And I don't have my structure worked out for the second half.

Today is list making time. Time to make lists of what I need to do and time goals for accomplishing them. It is my sincere desire to complete and defend my thesis by June. It's doable. I just need to get cracking. I may post a giant list here and cross it off. Crossed off lists are so fulfilling.

And on a less thesis related note, I finally dyed my hair again. Nothing like a fresh coat of the blue to make a girl feel revitalized.

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