Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes! (think Orson Welles voice)

Ever heard the Orson Welles/frozen peas thing (link to audio)? It's very nice. YES!

But that is completely irrelevant to what I mean to write here.

Things are getting all shook up. My question has changed. The content will not change, but the slant from which it is approached will.

The original question was "Why? Why should museums blog?" And I was having a terrible time writing the justification for my thesis. But it's because my question is so biased. I can be biased, I'm going to write that I'm biased, but my question shouldn't be biased, or it's boring!

So the question has shifted. The overarching question being addressed is "Is blogging a good thing for museums?" with the two subquestions "How does blogging fit into museum theory?" and "How does blogging fit into museum practice?" with a ring-a-ding wrap up so the blog case analyses can be especially impactful.

It's another one of those things that seems obvious, but is hard to see when you're in the thick of it. I feel as if it will give a lot of coherency to the paper.

Even though I have only two months left, I feel capable and ready. YES!

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