Wednesday, April 25, 2007


There's a really provocative post up at Museum 2.0 about museum studies graduate programs. You should go check it out, though for the life of me I don't know why you're read this and not read Museum 2.0.

I would try and articulate something right now, but, you know what? I do feel a bit like a zombie. And I could use some brains right about now. Make sure you read all the comments too.


comfypants said...

Oh man that discussion is just upsetting to me. In arts fields, there are so many people that deliberately avoid education because they're afraid it will change their work, and the process of this change that they tend to describe could be summed up as "understanding what you're doing, how and why," it's really sad.

lamusediffuse said...

I do not understand why so many concern about MA Museum Professions programs, why being afraid of brand-new grads, why does anybody think that we all grads are the same... and moreover, kind of naive.

If directors are now preferring candidates with MAs (like most of them,) probably it is because they know where the difference is.

I totally agree with comfypants' insights. Far to be a constriction, a good education makes more concious, critical, and free people. Education is the specific environment of learning and not because anyone can learn outside education systems, it means that education systems are not learning environments. But, of course, it takes time, money in some cases, commitment and lots of energy. That is why, like most graduate students about to finish their masters, I am also feeling a bit like a zombie these days. You know, tired brains... but after using them!

Pilar Gonzalo