Saturday, April 14, 2007

MW2007: Days 3

Day 3 was not so eventful as Day 2, primarily because I didn't arrive at the conference until about 2:15 when I grabbed a mocha and settled in a couch to knit with Larissa.

Around 3:30 we headed to the cookie break, grabbed a cookie, and got roped into handing out evaluations. We are loyal volunteers.

The closing plenary was nice. Something Seb said provoked an "A-HA" moment which will be blogged about in the coming days. One commenter mentioned that there are a lot of Hows being discussed and many fewer Whys; I felt validated.

The closing reception was held at The De Young Museum, which was very lovely. I was completely taken in by the Vivienne Westwood exhibit. Having become much more knowledgeable about textile design through both Project Runway and my own knitting, I found it fascinating. Although I was disappointed when a dress that was quite clearly crochet was labeled as a hand knit. Research, people, research.

The De Young's new building has a tower with some simply phenomenal views of the San Francisco. I took, approximately, a bajillion photos. But have yet to upload them, so it is simply a taunt at this point.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this conference. I hope I have the opportunity to attend next year, although so much is up in the air when it comes to my immediate future that I can't commit to anything. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet all the people I met (okay, except the one guy who made me cry, I could have done without that) and to really feel like part of a movement. Power to the people.


Perian said...

Hi Lynn:

Yes, I'm the dreaded one. Thanks so much for linking to the Radial Trust session. I missed that one in favor of museum images and meeting educator needs, but I really wanted to go to that session. And I didn't know the details of the blogger lunch. Foo! Oh well :) (crying? oh whoah hey what??)

Will you be attending AAM in Chicago?


Lynn Bethke said...


The blogger lunch details were pretty much figured out on the fly, after the session.

I will not be attending AAM this year, for my grad student budget will not allow it. And I need to finish this pesky thesis! But I will be presenting at Rethinking Museums in early May.