Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh my.

I just reserved a room for my thesis defense. I will be defending in the Burke Room at the Burke Museum on Friday June 1st, 2:30ish (time confirmation to come later). You are all cordially invited. Or tell your Seattle area friends; the more the merrier.

This is serious, people. I'd best write this thing.


I will be presenting a version of the first half of my paper at Rethinking Museums as part of the Museums and Technology Panel on Thursday morning, May 3rd. Tell your Seattle area friends, or come yourself. I mean, hey, it's a free conference. Gotta love it.

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lamusediffuse said...

Hello Lynn,

Very good luck with your thesis presentation and your paper. You are certainly a talented speaker as you demonstrated at mw2007 Research Forum, so be sure that everyone is going to enjoy your lecture.

I'd wish traveling to Seattle... uhm! Have fun and send my greetings to the rest of mw2007 ladies.