Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No title today, sorry

# notes:

Looks like there's a new blog at the Smithsonian: Office of Exhibits Central. There was an announcement on the Livejournal museum communities. Looks like they've been posting for a while though. I suspect an Eye Level style model for posting and start up. It's the Smithsonian, after all.


Connecting with Communities. That's what this is all about. And let's have a little case study of what happens when you do connect with a community.

MBT - visits and pageviews

That's from my Google Analytics. In the past week I had a chance to connect with the museum and the web community. I handed out a few business cards (MOO cards rock!), put a few cards up on the jobs wanted board, and got mentioned in a couple presentations. And look what happened. An explosion. Normally I'm lucky to get about 8 direct hits to the blog. But almost 90? Wow.

I'm realistic. I may have grabbed a couple new readers, but most are probably poking their heads in. If my goal was to stay well connected with this community, I would get my URL out there more, go to more conferences, leave more comments on other blogs (as it is, I leave almost none *shameface*). But I'm pretty well wrapped up in my own little world right now. Maybe later, when I need to figure out where to go with this blog, maybe then I'll get active and try and get internet-famous.


I think I've got a thesis title. Whaddya think of this?: "Constructing Connections: A Museological Approach to Blogging." It's a little more refined than "I'm in Ur Museum Website, Readin' and Analyzin' Ur Blogz" (bless its geeky little heart). The bit after the colon may be refined, but I think Constructing Connections gets at a few key concepts of blogs, so it's very plausible.


Perian said...

I do love the geeky title (you should see my desktop at work. I've got folders of cat macros), but you're probably right to make it more, ah, scholarly. Or something. I like it.

Er... ok, stupid question - where are the LJ communities? I've been on LJ for many, many years and somehow never found the museum journals.

Lynn Bethke said...

The geeky title is all well and good, but, sigh, I've got to play academic here.

I'm froggy_dear on LJ, and most of the rest of the internet. The two comms I'm in are "Museumpeople" and "Museum_geeks". There may be others.

And cat macros. A while ago I liked to "I Can Has Cheezburger?" You've seen that right? It's my happy crack.

Nina Simon said...

Wow... the Smithsonian blog is a great find. Thanks, Lynn. And let's talk more about the whole zombie thing sometime.

be well